DreamCatcher games announces Gold version of Neverend.


DreamCatcher announced yesterday that is has released a upgraded version of it's fantasy RPG epic [i]Neverend[/i] for the PC. For those of you out there who aren't aware of Neverend, or don't remember about it, it is about a woman named Agavaen who has more or less been shoved aside by everyone and must embark on a quest to reclaim her former powers by going on adventures and beating things and people up. The updates that are to be found in the gold version are new cut scences, a new in game map system, fine tuning of the in-game camera system, the gameplay, and the balance system. [i]Neverend[/i] is expected to hit the shelves this month so, until then, you can check out the official website here http://www.mayhem.sk/index.php?page=neverend and, of course, right here at MyGamer.com

Nick McCavitt at nmccavitt@mygamer.com

Nick McCavitt at nmccavitt@mygamer.com

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