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Down In Flames: Eastern Front expansion comes to market.

noimage.gif has announced that a new expansion for it's [i]Eastern Front[/i], titled [i]Eastern Front[/i], was released the 25th of this month. This latest expansion will feature 29 new planes, including jet aircraft like the Messerschmidt ME-262 Schwalbe (that means “swallow” in German, 2 new countries, new wingman and pilot skills, 12 new campaigns, gameplay enhancements, customizable dogfights, and a new nastier Artificial Intelligence that is supposed to give you a whole new series of headaches..all in good fun, of course. The game is available to you in a variety of ways. You can order it through the mail the old fashioned way(the U.S. Postal Service was first established on July 26th, 1775) for $15.00, through online download, or even through both ways if you like. For more information on the game you can visit the official site at and also right here at

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