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Diabolique screenshots released and Game Info


[b] Schanz International Consultants [/b] has sent out exclusive real time screenshots of [b] Metropolis Software House?s[/b] upcoming Action thriller, [i] Diabolique – license to Sin[/i].

[a][aa] Click Here for the screenshots[/a]

Imagine a world where Heaven and Hell are struggling with an ongoing war for supremacy. No this is not Constantine and there is no Keanu Reeves, this is [i]Diabolique – license to Sin[/i]. Meet half Intelligence agent half demon straight from hell, Dark Eaville(get it? Dark Evil?) You will be placed in the shoes of Dark to help tilt the balance of power towards the Demon world.

The game is looking to combine spy and stealth action with an array of hi-tech gadgets and weaponry with a [i]Devil May Cry[/i] action style. A big perk is being able to use your demon powers to enhance your performance when you feel gadgets just don?t do the job right. Dark can turn into a ghost, fill his little demonic tummy with defeated souls and every weapon in his hands becomes a devilish sidearm.

Look for more updates soon on this very strange but also very enticing title.

[a][aa] Game Info [/a]

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