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Details on Naruto Rise of a Ninja


Ubisoft has released a fact sheet on its upcoming game, [i]Naruto Rise of a Ninja[/i]. In a game exclusively developed for the Xbox 360 from the ground up and for the first time ever, gamers will experience Naruto starting from the series’ beginning. Fans of the franchise can relive the anime and manga, and experience Naruto’s transformation from noisy ninja-academy dropout to respected ninja.

3 types of Gameplay:


All RPG gameplay will take place in the village of Konoha • Develop Naturo strength (Chakra, Stamina) • Develop Naruto skills (learn Justus) • Earn acceptance & money to unlock new missions



Several gameplay ingredients depending on the mission:

• Platforming (running through forest, walking on water etc … ) • Dodging (avoiding attacks by using replacement technique) • Stealth / disguise (using transformation techniques)



Main fights take place in open arenas

• Destructible environment

• 3rd person view


Key Features:

• Experience Growing Up As Naruto: The only game that allows you to step into Naruto’s shoes from the series’ beginning. Complete authentic missions and relive the [i]Naruto[/i] anime and manga experience.

• Immerse Yourself In Naruto’s Universe: Roam freely and discover authentic environments. Explore genuine Konoha Village and its surroundings.

Interact with Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi and members from the [i]Naruto[/i] cast.

• Unparalleled Depth and Variety of Gameplay: The first [i]Naruto[/i] game to combine action adventure gameplay, classic platforming battles, head-to-head fighting and in-depth character development.

• Build Up Your Fighting Techniques to Defeat Deadly Enemies in Fast-Paced Combat: Define your own way of the ninja as you learn to better control your chakra, improve your techniques, master new taijutsus and ninjutus, and command more powerful ninja weapons.

• Play With Friends: Select your favorite [i]Naruto[/i] character and challenge a friend. Customize your character and pick your own battle field.


[i]Naruto Rise of a Ninja[/i] is slated for a 10/16 release for the Xbox 360.

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