Relive the first steps of the Allied forces in their victorious march of Europe’s liberation: the first hours of the beach landing at Omaha Beach, the paratrooper attack on Sainte M?re l’Eglise, the taking of the Cherbourg harbour and of the town of St Lo, operation Cobra, the battle of the Falaise pocket and the liberation of Normandy in August 1944. Use the Resistance’s help to recon the landing areas, take advantage of the Allies’ air power (bomber, glider, paratroopers), and stop the German forces’ retreat.

D-Day is a Tactical game in real-time 3D with highly realistic graphics, dynamic shadows, damage localization, explosions, weather effects etc. To best establish your strategy, you can pause the game at any time and plan your operations, give out your orders, un-pause the game and see your orders carried out.

* Place explosive charges to blast bridges, buildings and lines of defense

* Replay each mission with different units in scenario mode

* Over 60 different units available, each with its own characteristics (riflemen, paratroopers, artillery, tanks, transports, air support…)

* A challenging enemy tactical AI

* Three levels of difficulty

* In campaign mode, each mission influences the next

* 3 campaigns of 4 mission each:

June 1944: from the beach landing to the taking of Cherbourg

July 1944: Caen, St Lo, Operation Cobra

August 1944: from the Mortain counter-attack to the battle of the Falaise pocket

* 3 multiplayer modes for up to 8 players

* Documentary base with the strategic charts of the battles, as well as veterans’, resistants’ and local inhabitants’ testimonies.



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