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Confirmed Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2022

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Xbox Game Pass has undoubtedly tipped the scales for many undecided gamers when choosing a current generation console. With hundreds of games available and catering to every corner of the market, Microsoft’s subscription service has been a truly dominating force since the new generation consoles landed.

Like a locomotive Santa Claus, the service have been giving access to a whole catalogue of triple-A titles, along with an abundance of lesser-known hidden gems and continues to pick up speed as the months roll in.

Thundering through the gaming world at ‘full steam ahead’, this metaphorical locomotive has accumulated a number of behemoth passengers, such as Bethesda and Activision Blizzard. With the many illustrious titles that come bundled in with these major players, it’s increasingly apparent that the Xbox Game Pass is the future of games subscriptions services.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is an Unlikely Day One Title

I thought I would start by throwing water on the roaring fires of rumor and explain why it’s unlikely that the iconic shoot-’em-up will be a Day One title, as great as that would be.

Modern Warfare 2 is due to be released this fall. However, Microsoft’s $68.7-billion deal hasn’t yet finalized, and it won’t be until the early parts of 2023. This means that the launch of the legendary remake falls a little too early for a Day One addition to Xbox Game Pass.

However, it’s highly likely that the Call of Duty titles falling under the Infinity Ward banner, will all come to Game Pass once the monumental deal is finalized. Additionally, the next Call of Duty title, Call of Duty 2023 and anything beyond will come to the service on the day of release.

Notable Titles Coming to Game Pass in 2022/2023

Among the many titles coming to Game Pass over the next year or so, a few stood out like flashing beacons to our game-hungry eyes. Despite our early hope of MW2 being a Day One title (I mean, it was in the officially released image), the next 18-months are going to be filled with some monumental titles. Here are our picks from the mix:

Two Point Campus

We took a look at Two Point Campus recently and made our excitement a little too clear. If you were expecting a reskinned version of Two Point Hospital then worry not. Two Point Studios have promised us that their latest game will feature all-new features and editing tools to enjoy. Besides, we’re happy as long as they keep the same great sense of humor.

Two Point Campus will be hitting Game Pass on August 9, 2022.

League of Legends

Finally! Console gamers the world over will have the opportunity to jump aboard the hype train and play League of Legends. We’re not to sure how well the PC-to-console transition will gel, but we’re more than confident that Riot Games know what they’re doing and will deliver a smooth and playable experience.

LoL will be hitting Game Pass some time this Winter.

Hogwart’s Legacy

We previewed Hogwart’s Legacy back in 2001 but we had no idea it was coming to Game Pass on its release. The latest game from the ever-popular Harry Potter franchise will be an immersive RPG that will allow you to explore the magical world freely and meet many of the characters from the books and movies.

Hogwart’s Legacy was first expected to be released in 2021. However, due to the developers wanting to make the game as much of a ‘magical experience’ as possible it was delayed to an undisclosed date sometime this year (2021).

Full List of Upcoming Game Pass Games

While the above are our top picks, there’s still plenty enough games coming to Game Pass to wet your whistle. Here is a complete list of confirmed titles:

Games Coming to Game Pass in 2022

Games Coming to Game Pass in 2023


By the looks of things the next 18-months are going to be a real treat to Game Pass subscribers. With the Likes of the new TMNT game hitting the service in the next couple of days, to be followed closely by Two Point Campus, it seems Microsoft is going to be releasing these titles with frequency. It’s also worth noting that the above games are merely those confirmed. It’s likely these great titles are just to be the tip of an ever-growing iceberg.

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