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CompuExpert Set To Release New Gaming Headsets

The gaming market has seen a huge influx of gaming headsets over the last couple years.  CompuExpert is trying to earn their piece of the pie by introducing two new headsets just in time for the holidays.  Details below.

CompuExpert announced that the latest gaming headsets in the award-winning Sharkoon line are coming to North America. Especially designed to deliver the ultimate in multi-directional, high quality audio performance for maximum immersion and combat advantage, the multiplatform X-Tatic Pro and the wireless X-Tatic Air are expected to be available at retail on November 22.

X-Tatic Pro

The outstanding X-Tatic Pro is a native 5.1 surround sound headset that supports Dolby  Digital 2.0, Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Pro Logic II formats. Each earpiece contains four speakers (for a total of eight), providing the ultimate in multi-directional sound. The detachable mic features QuickOn connection, and the newly-developed Voice Monitoring lets you hear your own voice in the headset so you can monitor your volume level. This feature can be switched on and off as desired.

Through the Dolby Digital Sound Control Unit (SCU), the X-Tatic Pro can connect to the optical outputs from PlayStation or Xbox game consoles, PCs, DVD players or other HiFi devices. A second X-Tatic Pro or Xtatic Digital headset and/or any headset with a standard G9 connection plug can also be used. A breakaway cable provides in-line volume controls for all channels and chat. Both PSN and Xbox Live chat are supported.

The X-Tactic Pro is ergonomically constructed with soft ear pieces and a plush headband so it can be adjusted to the wearer’s head shape and remains comfortable for even the longest gaming sessions. The ear-encircling design absorbs external noise for maximum immersion.

X-Tatic AIR

Enjoy the freedom of wireless with the X-Tatic AIR headset, developed especially for the Xbox360 and PS3, and also compatible with Wii, PCs, and other sound sources with RCA audio outputs. The digital 2.4 GHz transmission technology of the X-Tatic AIR ensures 360-degree reception of clear voice and gaming sound within a radius of up to ten meters, while the enclosed NiMH batteries support gaming sessions of up to ten continuous hours. An automatic sleep mode preserves battery life when out of range, and the base also features a USB port for charging a gamepad or other device.

The AIR’s closed, ear-encompassing design effectively isolates ambient noises while allowing the sound dimension of the 40 mm drives to unfold fully. Three preconfigured equalizer modes offer appropriate sound settings for different occasions. The noise canceling, detachable microphone effectively minimizes background noise, and chat and game volume can be regulated separately to create a perfect sound balance and to ensure clear communication with other players at all times. Connecting the AIR is quick and easy. Two separate analog audio inputs allow it to be simultaneously connected to the gaming console and attached to a TV or other audio source. The X-Tatic AIR can also be connected via USB to a PC. The headset controls are accessible on the headphones, ensuring that gameplay is not interrupted
while searching for the right buttons. With adjustable, padded headband, soft ear cushions and individually adjustable ear cups, the X-Tatic AIR provides a comfortable fit even during all night gaming sessions.

The Sharkoon X-Tactic Pro will be available for $179.99 and the X-Tatic Air will be priced at $139.99. Both are available for pre-order at

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