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Club Nintendo 18 Card Case Review (3DS/DS)

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Keeping Them Safe –

As part of the dying Club Nintendo program, one of the last physical gifts Nintendo has offered Club Nintendo members is a case that can hold up to 18 3DS or regular DS game carts. With three double sided covers that are interchangeable, the 400 Coin asking price is both highly functional and looks visually appealing sitting on any Nintendo fan’s shelf.

Here is what the inside looks like

Slightly thicker than a 3DS game case, this plastic container opens like any other DS or 3DS game case but instead can hold 9 games on each side in 3 rows of 3. Just like every other case, each slot firmly holds each game card in place and is easy to pop back out.

Clear plastic. Simple.

Besides providing shelter for your loose 3DS and DS carts, the big kicker here are the interchangeable cover slips. Originally advertised as a Pikmin holder, owners are surprisingly treated to other Nintendo franchises outside of Pikmin. With different Mario themes, users are bound to find their favorite for both the outside and inside covers. Thanks to the clear plastic design, the inside can also be outfitted with your cover of choice.

For your viewing pleasure, here are scans of each included design:

As you can see, each design is colorful and should make any Nintendo fan giddy with schoolgirl-like excitement.

No longer available on the Club Nintendo site, this game case will go down in history as one of Nintendo’s last CN offerings. While the 400 Coin price point is justified, clumsy users might want to refrain from using this item as losing 18 games all at once could be rather painful.


Not As Good As: the official Mario hat given away a few years ago
Better Than: the Nintendo bookmarks or shoelaces
Wait For It: February 2015 as Nintendo promised to release “dozens of games” to give CN users a chance to burn through their coins


By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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