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Cloud Cutter (PC) Review with stream

Cloud Cutter

It seems like every couple of years people tout the return of the good, old fashioned shoot ‘em up genre.  Some new title is surely to spark serious interest and bring about another golden age.  The truth is, though, that while no one was looking the titles were always coming out and were just as good as they had always been.  Cloud Cutter is a perfect example of this fact.

You can check out our stream of this shooter embedded below:

While in no way does this entry drastically change the way that people are going to perceive the genre, what is entered for play is a solid, by the numbers top down shooter.  This might not be as exciting as a new ultra hard Touhou title, or an instant classic like Ikaruga— what it is instead is a title that truly understands the foundations that it was built on.

Aesthetically it is extremely reminiscent of 1942 and its many sequels; although this time with jets instead of propeller planes.  The normal assortment of power-ups and gun upgrades are on display, making the game feel like an old classic with a new coat of paint.  This even goes so far as the difficulty, which is something that will not be beaten on the first several attempts.  As with the older titles there is a good balance between reaction speed and memorization that comes into play.

Cloud Cutter isn’t going to change anyone’s mind when it comes to the Shump genre, and it isn’t going to be what converts someone to a lifelong fan.  What the title is, and aimed to do, is be a solid entry in the long list of titles that are still coming out– although not as fast as many fans would like.  If you enjoy the genre, this title is for you.  For everyone else, you might want to wait for it to be on sale before taking the plunge, or find something that is slightly more entry level.

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