Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Preview

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruins

Vampires, goblins, and ghosts OH MY!! Castlevania will once again spook our bones with its ghoul action packed game Portrait of Ruins for the Nintendo DS. After twenty years of belligerent battling with one of the underworld's greatest nemesis, any advocate of videogames will be able to tell you about Castlevania and its rich history of battles and wars against the almighty Dracula. In the Portrait of Ruins, the same quest to vanquish evil is still head strong, but with the help of new characters, duel character play, and new environments, Dracula can be defeated back to his bloody hell.

This new installment to the DS series, Castlevania-Portrait of Ruins, will be a must have for previous fans and also add new fans alike in the handheld genre. Some of the new add-ons with Portrait of Ruins is the addition of two new characters Jonathan Morris, a head strong vampire hunter with his might whip as his weapon and Charlotte Orlean, his handy dandy spell caster who can cast spells to decimate enemies. Both will set off into the belly of the underworld making their way through castles, ruins, forests, and deserts. Also having the advantage of changing each other's weapons and Mr. Morris with his kick attack.

Once again DS has hopped aboard the Wi-Fi or wireless style of player for their gamers. Castlevania fans will have the ability to play games with their partners or friends locally or via the internet. You will have the ability to switch from character to character throughout the game, being that you will need certain skills and strengths from each character to battle your way to Dracula. You can summon other players (Charlotte or Jonathan) to execute attacks on your enemies if you can not handle the load.

Although the game is played in 2D format similar to the Mario Brothers. The graphics I must say are a little tweaked and resemble Castlevania of the past. With the upgrade in technology and pixel images, the game does offer a wide variety of background images to suit each level. Luminous color for its enemies, environments, and characters are very good compared to other handheld games. The musical scores will be produced by Michiru Yamane, who has leaded the beat for much of Castlevania music in the past . Yuzo Koshiro, who has been associated with Sonic the Hedgehog and Streets of Rage, will produce a few tracks. Music is always the go getter to continue the game and rest assure Portrait of Ruins will have those mummies bumpin' to the beat.

Battling against the king of darkness has never been this exciting and eye grabbing as Portrait of Ruins. Defiantly check out this new addition for Nintendo DS. If you are not spooked….?

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