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Bloodhound is a new FPS with free prologue


Kruger & Flint Productions is excited to announce the release of the prologue version of Bloodhound, a super fast paced arcade horror FPS game inspired by the legends of the 90s!

From March 30th, players will be able to download and play Bloodhound: First Day in Hell free on Steam: wishlist it here!

In Bloodhound, players take on the role of a member of the Order of Keepers of the Gates, tasked with guarding the gates of Hell against the Cult of Astaroth, who seek to open them and let evil loose.

With hellish locations inspired by cult horror movies and real world locations, tons of unique enemies and devastating Hell bosses, an arsenal of weapons, including a machete, double-barreled shotgun, crossbow, rocket launcher and a chainsaw-flamethrower (to name but a few!) players can expect to face the army of Hell locked and loaded, ready to experience a hyper fast-paced and bloody explosive gameplay.

“We’re thrilled to finally reveal the date of the prologue version of Bloodhound, with  not long to go until the full game is released a little later this year,” said Kruger & Flint Productions’ CEO, Rafal “Flint” Krzeminski. “We can’t wait for players to warm up their trigger fingers and kill some demons in the process, ready to embrace hell and survive to tell the tale come full release day!”  

The prologue version of Bloodhound will be available to play from March 30th.

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