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Blood Rayne 2 reaches gold status


By David Craddock

[i]Blood Rayne 2[/i] has finally gone gold for the Xbox, PS2 and PC. After several months of development and tweaking, the game has finally been given the green flag to launch on October 12 at a gaming outlet near you. If you have not yet preordered your copy of the game, now is the perfect time to do so, as many gaming outlets are giving customers a free limited edition [i]Blood Rayne[/i] comic book.

Even after a mediocre first title, [i]Blood Rayne[/i] is becoming quite a hot commodity. A movie is currently in development starring “Terminator 3’s” Kirstanna Loken, and Rayne herself was featured in a recent issue of [i]Play Boy[/i], as well as last October’s Girls of Gaming special edition magazine, which was put out by [i]Play[/i] magazine.

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