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Blitzkrieg Anthology brings it all to retail


[b]CDV Software Entertainment USA[/b] has announced that the [i]Blitzkrieg Anthology[/i] has made its way into North American retail outlets today. The [i]Blitzkrieg Anthology[/i] is packed with the original [i]Blitzkrieg game[/i], two of the game?s expansion packs ? [i]Burning Horizon[/i] (featuring Field Marshal Rommel?s exploits) and [i]Rolling Thunder[/i] (following the footsteps of General Patton) ? and the brand-new Iron Division expansion.

With 200 vehicles and combat units in over 150 single- and multi-player missions straight from World War II, [i] Blitzkrieg Anthology[/i] looks to keep many war fan gamers busy for a while.

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