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Bird Mania Party for Wii U Coming to eShop on March 17, 2016

BirdManiaParty Cover

The fourth installment in Bird Mania franchise, Bird Mania Party for Wii U will be launching soon!

The game will become available on in the European Nintendo eShop March 10th, with the American release following on March 17th.

Teyon announced that their Nintendo 3DS title is coming soon to a new platform! Bird Mania Party, the aerial runner enhanced with the multi-player functionality. The game will cost $1.99.

Take to the bright blue skies and fly the distance! Fly past treetops, bushes and stinging bees and dash for crazy combos. Collect bonuses and unlock achievements to up your score right to the top as you zoom at the speed of lightning to the pumping music!

Invite friends and start Bird Mania Party! Team up with your buddy to master a challenge in a co-op mode or race for the top spot on Leaderboards in a competition mode for up to 5 players.


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