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Bioware to use Unreal Engine 3


By David Craddock

BioWare has just released a press release stating that the renowned development company is going to license Epic’s [i]Unreal 3[/i] engine. Though the intended game the engine will be used for is currently unannounced, it will almost certainly be something special, given BioWare’s excellent developmental talents coupled with the power behind Epic’s newest engine.

The Joint CEO of BioWare Corporation, Dr. Ray Muzyka, says “We’re very happy to license Epic’s advanced Unreal Engine 3 technology ? One of our development teams will now focus on using Unreal Engine 3 to help us create a great gaming experience in a timely manner. The Unreal Engine has powered some of our favorite games, and we’re looking forward to upholding the great history of this engine with an awesome game from BioWare.”

Tim Sweeny, Co-Founder and CEO of Epic Games Inc., is just as enthusiastic about the venture: “BioWare’s decision reinforces that Unreal Engine 3 is not only a next generation, multi-genre game engine but also that it can work well for all developers, from small teams to world-class, technologically-savvy companies like BioWare.”

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