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Besieger introduces a world filled with feudal rivalry in which players can wage war as either Viking or Cimmerian warriors. Build flying vehicles for combat or siege towns on horseback in an effort to conquer factions such as Ogres, Werewolves, Centaurs, and other non-human races. The armored walls of a citadel can be shattered using a battering ram and competitors can pocket enemy buildings and equipment. Players can also retreat and accumulate forces behind their own armored citadel for a counterattack.

* Twelve huge levels with photorealistic landscapes, located in mountains, deserts, forests, etc.

* Hundreds of high-polygon models of animals, people, buildings, etc with smooth skeletal animation

* All-encompassing damage model. Burn or blow to chips every tree, destroy houses and more!

* Cinematographic camera with several convenient modes of control.

* Multi-user games on LAN and Internet with up to 16 people on one server.

* Multiplayer modes: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Cooperative, Hold Artifact, King of the Hill, Free for All.

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