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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

243675asylum boy

It?s go time, soldier. Prepare yourself for 21st century warfare in Battlefield: Modern Combat?. The award-winning Battlefield franchise is coming to the Xbox, and the action is going to be fierce. The good news is that you have a team of grunts at your side to help you survive the frenzied close-quarters combat. The bad news is that you have to engage the enemy on their home turf, in the world?s most dangerous hot spots.

* Battlefield: Modern Combat comes to the Xbox for the first time in an all-new game set on the modern battlefield.

* Engage in major conflicts with 24 players in the largest online battles on Xbox Live.

* Roar onto the battlefield in 30 land, sea, and air vehicles, including armored fighting vehicles, attack helicopters, and speedboats.

* Give the enemy a lesson in modern firepower with 75 weapons such as assault rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and grenade launchers.

* Get deep into your online game experience with buddy lists, stat tracking, and in-game clan creation on Xbox Live.

* Fight like hell to increase your rank from Private to General.

* Blast away as U.S., Chinese, or Middle East Coalition troops, each with their own unique arsenals.

* Voiceover communication supported with the Xbox Live Communicator Headset.


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