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Batllefield 2 Demo on 360

1668Cohesion Dude

EA’s [i]Battlefield 2: Modern Combat[/i] is ready for download over Xbox Live for the 360. The demo isn’t very big at 382.14MB. Only one type of level (Bridge Too Far) and one type of game (Capture the Flag) is available.
Gamers can choose between five different classes of soldiers being:
Assault, Sniper, Special Ops, Engineer, and Support. Players can do everything from call in air strikes, to drive tanks, to flying choppers.
Game sessions can get pretty hectic with up to 24 players supported over Live. To get the demo just got to the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The full version of [i]Battlefield 2: Modern Combat[/i] is slated for 4/11 with an ESRB rating of T for Teen. [i]BF2:MC[/i] will retail for $59.99.

[i]-Travis Johnson[/i]

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