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Backyard Wrestling: Don’t Try This at Home


Backyard Wrestling allows you to step out of the staleness of the wrestling genre, and into a groundbreaking new world of open ended gameplay. Punish your opponent in highly interactive sprawling environments implementing instuments of pain like thumbtacks, barbed wire, light bulbs, stop signs, baseball bats, tables, fire… as well as the environment itsself. Prepare yourself to endure inhuman amounts of pain, and take incredible risks, as you leap from breathtaking heights to beat your opponent, and be crowned “The King Of Hardcore”.

* The open ended combat game that allows you to brutalize you opponents in multi-tiered environments with grappling, throws hand-to-hand combat, and a myriad of aerial assaults.

* Dozen of weapons to use on your opponent including barbed wire, thumbtacks, light bulbs, stop signs, car doors, tables, etc.

* Innovative damage model system allows the characters to get cuts, bruises, and gashes all over their bodies.

* Fully interactive and destructible environments let you re-arrange more than your opponent’s face.

* Kickin’ soundtrack featuring Insane Clown Posse, Sum 41, Andrew WK, American Hi Fi, Stone Sour, Slayer, Twiztid, Murderdolls, Junkie XL, Chimaira, Roni Size, Ming and FS, and more.


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