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Atari announces The Matrix: The Path of Neo


By Quinton Miles

Atari announced the development of an all-new game based on the The Matrix universe this morning. Entitled [i]The Matrix: The Path of Neo[/i], the game finally gives players the chance to play as the main figure in the Matrix storyline as he experiences the more important and memorable scenes from the film’s trilogy.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be embarking on a new Matrix project,” said Jim Caparro, President and Chief Executive Officer of Atari. “The Wachowski Brothers have created a universe that is uniquely deep and rich, with virtually limitless creative possibilities, and the interactive space is the ideal world in which to explore them. With The Matrix: The Path of Neo, the Wachowski Brothers will be giving their legions of fans the best of everything: the first chance to personally relive Neo’s journey, and the chance to experience new adventures they cannot yet even imagine.”

“I’m very happy to continue my collaboration with Larry and Andy on all things Matrix and beyond,” said Joel Silver, producer of the Matrix film trilogy. “Enter The Matrix added another exciting chapter to the legend. I’m thrilled that we are further expanding and exploring the vast Matrix universe through The Matrix: The Path of Neo.”

[i]The Matrix: The Path of Neo[/i] ships the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC this holiday season.

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