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Arrog (PS4/PS5) Review

Arrog 1 has made a name for themselves by publishing unconventional games. Their library of stand-out titles focus on the experience, telling stories through an artistic presentation while introducing experimental gameplay. In other words, their games are super weird and they are better for it. Check out Journey of the Broken Circle as another example.

Arrog is exactly the type of game you’d expect given this publisher’s history. Costing only $3, this artistic download, their first on PS4/PS5, explores the ideas of accepting your own death. Although gameplay is nothing more than simple one-button puzzles, the presentation and artistic approach is what makes this game what it is. Instead of considering this a game, it might be more accurate this think of this as a short film due to the creative presentation and total lack of UI. Despite having numerous puzzles, from aligning rotating constellations to connecting two points, the game never tells the player what to do or how to do it. Each instance is simple enough where no explanation is needed but yet takes a couple minutes to solve. It is never frustrating but still satisfies with a non-hand holding approach.

Even if you prefer action games, massive last-man-standing online battles, difficult roguelikes, or competitive sport games, there are still two things you should know about Arrog. First, it only takes twenty minutes to complete. However, its brevity shouldn’t be labeled negatively as it never outstays it welcome; the player is presented with new puzzles throughout, and the art assets never repeat. This is a thoughtful, concise title. Secondly, Arrog is the easiest Platinum trophy you can earn. All the trophies are story related (not missable) and you can earn that Platinum before dinner is ready. If are looking to boost your online bragging rights, players cannot complain due to the low cost of this digital download and easy to obtain Trophies.

Further explaining what Arrog is or providing examples will ruin the experience so I do not wish to go into depth here. Like playing a poem, Arrog is bigger than the sum of its parts, treating open minded players to artistic expressionism. The impossible-to-ignore visuals and haunting soundtrack only enhance the message behind the gameplay. But even if you do not have a taste for the finer arts or more obscure design, be sure to check this out to milk that easy Platinum. 

Not As Weird As: Infini (Switch)
Better Than: Wurroom (Vita)
Also Try: Need A Packet (PS4)

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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