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Altus Cures RPG Drought


Atlus ended an unprecedented drought of major new releases with this week's launch of Hexyz Force, a 2-in-1 RPG epic for PSP. The game's vibrant graphics, solid battle mechanics, and gorgeous anime cutscenes all complement its biggest feature: the ability to play through a lengthy, satisfying narrative as one of two different protagonist, each with their own origin and each taking their own path through the world of Berge.

"There really haven't been a lot of big releases recently," chirped Aram Jabbari, Manager of Public Relations and Sales at Atlus, "which is why we're so thrilled  to be able to bring so substantial a handheld RPG to the marketplace.  With two playable characters that each offer over 20 hours of unique gameplay, which makes for over 40 hours of on-the-go roleplaying goodness, not to mention the game's high production values and the pedigree of its developer (Sting), Hexyz Force represents one of the best values in handheld gaming so far this year.  And again, because the last few weeks have really been a bit of a drought for gamers," he added before coughing sharply and nervously darting his eyes left and right, "it really comes at the perfect time."

Built from the ground up to take full advantage of the power of PSP system, extensively optimized to deliver virtually non-existent load times, and boasting some of the most polished visuals and sounds found to date in a handheld RPG, Hexyz Force is the consummate gamer's game, the kind of experience and final package genre fans would make if they could call the shots.
Hexyz Force releases to retailers this week and is also currently available via PlayStation Store with an MSRP of $29.99.

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