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A Headset for DS


Datel offers DS users a new way to communicate via the first communicator headset for the system.  Any game that supports voice chat or commands, like [I]Metroid Prime Hunters[/I] or [I]Nintendogs[/I], is fully functional with the headset.  This headset acts just like the standard built-in mic on the DS’s hardware.  [p]Datel suggests that the best time to use the headset is in high noise environments, or when playing in situations when speaking loudly isn’t appropriate.  This headset is fully compatible with WiFi or when playing single player games.  Also, it will work with both the standard model and DS Lite. [p]This headset will sell for $14.99 and is available for immediate distribution via their website  The headset itself sports a stylish design with the mic positioned near the mouth.  [p]Unfortunately, Datel has not announced how this headset will plug into the system.  However, it will mostly be attached to the bottom jack on the underside of the system.  [p]Datel also offers headsets for Xbox and PSP as well. [p]Stay with for more DS details and visit  

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