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1001 Spikes Arriving on Consoles June 3, Loyalty Discount Available for Nintendo Owners

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Originally released in the Indie section the XBL Marketplace, 1001 Spikes is set for launch on PS4, Vita, 3DS, Wii U, PC and Mac this week.

Owners of other Nicalis titles are eligible for a $5 discount on Nintendo platforms. The eligible games are: Cave Story, Grinsia, Ikachan, Night Sky, or VVVVVV.

This harder-than-heck indie platformer will retail for $15 or $10 for loyalty owners.

Nicalis is also showing honesty be declaring that some last minute bugs were found and will not be resolved when the game launches. However, patches will be available at a future date.

1001 Spikes features both single and multiplayer modes up to 4 players along with 100+ stages and multiple endings with unlockable content.


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