WiFi for 5 PSP Launch Titles...

Discussion in 'Sony PSP / Vita' started by celticgamer, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. celticgamer

    celticgamer New Member Registered

    Sony announced today that the following titles will be WiFi capable, at launch on March 24, allowing you to play people all over the internet.
    -Twisted Metal: Head On
    -ATV: Offroad Fury: Blazin Trails
    -Gretzky NHL
  2. Wsv771

    Wsv771 New Member Registered

    Mannn that's gonna be a tough choice between Sony's MLB and EA's MVP on PSP.
  3. Lylabean

    Lylabean New Member Registered

    that's awesome...I'm so getting Twisted Metal.

  4. celticgamer

    celticgamer New Member Registered

    DEFINITELY gotta get Twisted Metal:) I noticed in one of the videos I've found, that there will be some cel-shading in the game. It was a quick shot during a PSP games preview movie, and it showed the camera quickly zoom in on a cel-shaded SweetTooth! I don't know about the rest of you, but I for one am a big fan of cel-shading. :)

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