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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Maverick, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Maverick

    Maverick I'm A Pimp, Bitch Registered

    Hello people, and again, welcome to Mygamer. I'm sure some of you joined just for the contest and I can't blame ya for that, but hopefully you like what you see and stick around. Anyway I'm the resident pimp, so if you need anything *cough*women*cough* you know where to go.
  2. Maverick

    Maverick I'm A Pimp, Bitch Registered

    One more thing, the rules say "Make sure these posts are legitimate, no spamming or anything else", so for those of you that are posting useless one line comments, I don't think your chances are that good to win. I'm not sure but, if I were you guys I'd make real posts.
  3. asylum_boy

    asylum_boy Executive Editor Registered

    and the bathroom is to the right.....Mav....you always forget that dude
  4. bravehearts

    bravehearts New Member Registered

    just one question....what is this site really for.....cuz im confused....do u guys hold tournaments......are u clanmembers.....hosters??...or just a site for people to meet up and talk about cool shit
  5. Meggo the Eggo

    Meggo the Eggo New Member Registered

    Jeez, and I've been looking for the bathroom for weeks now!!! :p

    As far as I can see, it's just a place to hang out and chat about games and have a good time (and we do). Myself? I joined because I really, really, really want that handheld game reviewer position. I still havent received word back on that yet :(
  6. kwilson

    kwilson New Member Registered

    Persistence and constantly annoying our HR person will win you that spot - so no worries. Just keep hounding Amanda - she's a tad busy what with school, job, et cetera but she'll get to you eventually.
  7. Meggo the Eggo

    Meggo the Eggo New Member Registered

    Heheh, yeah spudly just PMed me about that. Apparently being 17 is somewhat of a crime in the job world, and I can't do too much until I turn 18 (which is coming up in May *happy dance*). Thanks for the info though, Katie, I was just wondering who I had to annoy around here :p
  8. Stan

    Stan myGamer Slave Staff Member Registered

    Hey, welcome to myGamer.. I think you need to check the rest of the site out.. We are more than forums:) But you know what holding tournaments might just be something we might do in the future:)

  9. demigoddess

    demigoddess New Member Registered

    is the bathroom to my right or your right ???
  10. OP3 NinjaMan

    OP3 NinjaMan New Member Registered

    I really like the format for your site...

    Game talk without the compitition (like some other un-named gaming site), cuts down on the idiots trash talking each other in every thread...

    Good luck and continue the great work...

  11. silent_storm

    silent_storm true playa Registered

    I really like this site. Especially how it's more than just forums and even has downloads and stuff. I think I'll be here for a looong time. :running:

    BTW, have you guys (whoever the creators are), ever thought about changing the format of the forums? I mean like a different forum for each game or something. Then again that's way too much work...
  12. spudlyff8fan

    spudlyff8fan Super Senior Staff Registered

    Yeah. A forum for every game? There are tens of thousands of games out there.
  13. silent_storm

    silent_storm true playa Registered

    Yeah I was just used to Neoseeker, another forum I've seen. It has a different forum for each game.
    Not every game of course, but mainly the more popular ones.
    Oh no you're all gonna hate me now! lol
  14. cuinneas

    cuinneas Public Relations Manager Registered

    This is pretty much the only forum that I belong to. Sometimes I go onto other forums and try to spread hippie lovin' to the haters.... that makes them really mad. I get pleasure out of making the haters mad.
  15. shysta

    shysta New Member Registered

    I like this site is cool and I like the downloads. I hardly go to other forums because GB turned to trash now. For now...I'm sticking to this site. Can't wait for the new updates and feauters (if they're coming).
  16. demigoddess

    demigoddess New Member Registered

    we have downloads???
  17. asylum_boy

    asylum_boy Executive Editor Registered

    right beside the bathroom, demi...to the right
  18. demigoddess

    demigoddess New Member Registered

    yes yes but is that your RIGHT or my RIGHT
    witch hand is the right again dammit :hissyfit:
  19. Taku

    Taku New Member Registered

    GameFAQs has a forum for every game too >.<. Thank goodness you aren't GameFAQs though.

    Yah, it's a good spot. I didn't necessarily join for the contest though. Was here a couple of months ago and posted a little but my posts seemed to vanish.
  20. Andre3k

    Andre3k New Member Registered

    Yeah...this is pretty much the only forum I ever post in. I just feel right at home here. You don't get the usual 12 year olds posting some random crap that plagues the boards.

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