Persona 4: Golden, Anyone?

Discussion in 'Sony PSP / Vita' started by Plus, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. Plus

    Plus Forum Cat Registered

    Hello guys! I'm a huge fan of turn-based RPGs with a good storyline and Persona 4: Golden really hit it off with me. It's a remake from the original Persona 4 on the Playstation 2, which was amazing as well. I really enjoyed being able to have this game on my Playstation Vita because it was convenient and made it easy to bring along on trips or play before bed.
    I really loved the play-style of this game and just how weird the storyline was I guess. I've also purchased some of the older titles of Persona when they were for sale on the Playstation store, although I cannot seem to find them anymore on there.

    Any other Persona 4: Golden, or Persona fans out there?
  2. Ridge

    Ridge Member Registered

    I think most people who love the Vita has become a Persona fan by this point.
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  3. TonyMHFan

    TonyMHFan Member Registered

    I bought Persona 4: Golden during the last sale, but I haven't put too much time into it. Only an hour or so. It seems nice, but it hasn't held much/any interest with me. I may delete it in favor of some other games. I'll probably come back to it at some point.
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  4. Plus

    Plus Forum Cat Registered

    I've pick it up and put it down a lot since I've owned it. But that's the fun in it for me, because each time I restart my game I feel I do a better job at closing the gaps I need in order to get my desired ending. (For some reason my goal in the game on any playthrough is to successfully romance Naoto, which can only be done in a month, with two maxed characteristics.)
  5. flamingor

    flamingor New Member Registered

    I literally played though every Persona game to date and I definitely cannot wait for the sequel! Persona 5, I've heard is going to be released sometime this year by Atlus so I'm totally prepared to pre-order it right away.
  6. Cereus

    Cereus Member Registered

    Ah Persona. Good times were had were had with 3 & 4. I haven't tried Golden yet because I don't have a Vita, but I may pick it up in the near future for that reason.
  7. Hybridlullaby

    Hybridlullaby New Member Registered

    I love all the Shin Megami Tensei games. Do you think that the Vita would be worth purchasing for the RPG titles that are on it? I was also thinking about getting the Playstation TV which is just a Vita for your television at half the price. I have seen the Persona 4 Golden anime which is supposed to be the same as the game, and I have to say that I think the original would be better. I still want to experience the game for myself though. I think shows or movies often don't get all the best parts of the game like with Danganropa.
  8. Ridge

    Ridge Member Registered

    The Persona 4 anime is fun, but it doesn't compare to the game.

    Onto the Vita itself... I've had one since a week before release and use it for fun Japanese games almost exclusively. So if you like that I'd definitely recommend it.
  9. applemusician

    applemusician New Member Registered

    I'd say that Persona 4 Golden is the quintessential Persona title to play, given it's already a great game with the added bonus of having that fantastic HD makeover. Personally, I'll always have a soft spot for P3 since it was the first Persona title I played and I like the story a bit more. I'm hyped for P5 even though I don't have the right system for it yet.
  10. Demon_skeith

    Demon_skeith New Member Registered

    I really should have bought a vita to get golden, but kind of glad I waited because now I can play it on PS tv. But I did sneak some online looks at the game and looks fantastic. I'm also looking forward to dancing all night coming out.

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