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Discussion in 'Contests' started by asylum_boy, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. asylum_boy

    asylum_boy Executive Editor Registered

    New MyGamer Arcade Contest:

    Time to become the Arcade Champ!

    MyGamer Arcade Contest Announced

    Gone are the days of playing in the Arcade as a kid or teen, but wait, MyGamer is giving you a chance to relive the nostalgia of playing your heart out on an Arcade game and being able to boast about your high score. MyGamer's newest contest is just that!! Our good friends at Merscom have sent over 4 copies of their newest game and, in our opinion, one of the all-time favorite types of Arcade games. The game is Fastlane Pinball.

    That's right, Pinball!! Merscom is holding its own type of contest- a tournament to determine the best of the best in the "virtual pinball world". Information about their newest contest can be found here: Fastlane Pinball Tournament


    Whoever says they haven't spent mind-numbing hours at a pinball game in the local Arcade probably needs to take a polygraph on that one. :duck:

    This contest is an easy and fun way to score a copy of this visually-stunning game.

    Here's the Details:


    -Be a forum member here at

    -Invite 2 friends to become a forum member on the site and have them added to your friends list on your profile.

    -Play one of the listed MyGamer Arcade games and have the top score at the end of the contest period (8/3/2006-9/3/2006):

    1) 2D Knockout

    2) Yeti Sports 1.5

    3) Simpsons Shooter

    4) 3D Netblazer

    -The high score players for each of these 4 games will receive a copy of "Fastlane Pinball" from Merscom.

    -If the top score is an old one and cannot be taken down, the next highest score from a recent player will win.

    -Mygamer reserves the right to disqualify people for any reason.

    -Members of the Mygamer staff, past or present, and their family members, are not eligible for entry.

    -Winners will be informed via PM on the forums if they have won.


    Enjoy and "Let the Games Begin!"

    -The Staff at MyGamer
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  2. MissCheeba420

    MissCheeba420 GreenGoody Registered

    Fat Boy Raids The Cookie Factory!

    This game needs to be a def. add on in the arcade room along Taco Loco....classics.

    There are some weird games in the arcade room also...I must admit I kinda enjoyed playing "Girl Power!" lol.
  3. killabeez

    killabeez New Member Registered

    Awesome, I think I'm going to have to check out the arcade. I'm pretty good myself, not going to lie about it... bring it on ya'll.
  4. spudlyff8fan

    spudlyff8fan Super Senior Staff Registered

    This contest ended months ago.
  5. silent_storm

    silent_storm true playa Registered

    Hehe, thats kinda sad...

    Spuds, didnt the Gears of War contest end a while ago? Were the winners chosen yet?
  6. spudlyff8fan

    spudlyff8fan Super Senior Staff Registered

    Hell if I know.
  7. killabeez

    killabeez New Member Registered

    Oh damn, LOL. I didn't even look at the date. Sorry about that, I'll pay more attention for next time.
  8. asylum_boy

    asylum_boy Executive Editor Registered

    Killabeez, if you played the Arcade anytime in November, you qualify for this contest:

    Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins Contest

    Just figured i'd let you know....and if you didn't, no worries killabeez, we'll be starting up a new Arcade contest next week for our first 2007 Monthly Contest....Whoohooooo!

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