MMO's You Can't Wait To Be Released


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Nov 5, 2015
I'm always looking for the next best MMO to come out, so when I heard about Revival I definitely got extremely excited.

Revival is going to be a lovecraftian horror MMO. What immediately grabbed my attention was the live story-telling. I had to learn more about it, so I researched what they meant by this. Apparently the game masters are going to extremely involved, from personally handing out skill sets, to appearing out of thin air and giving quests to players. Reading this was like a dream come true. I know this can't be cheap to maintain, but I would definitely pay all sorts of money to make this game experience happen.

The next thing that grabbed my attention was how you learn different skills in the game. There aren't any skills set or classes set in stone. You have find someone to teach you what you wish to learn. You can join the army to learn how to fight or you can pursue rumors until you track down someone who can teach you. I admit this may get frustrating, but anything worth having is worth working for. This aspect of the game sounds completely amazing. Having to track down a teacher and learning from them and being able to choose what I wish to learn is mind-blowing.

Also you can purchase houses in-game. I know some players don't find this to be a valuable part of the game, however in revival it is. You're able to host meetings and other things in your house that you can't do anywhere else. When you buy a house you're also considered a citizen, which is important if you want to get into the political side of the game. You can even become king of a territory, with actual deciding powers in what happens to the country. Of course like everything else it won't be easy to do. There will be intrigue and mayhem in your rise to the top.

What also grabbed me was the player driven trading economy, and crafting system. Players will be responsible for crafting items that not only players buy, but also npc's. Players will also be responsible for towns and cities having the supplies they need to thrive and expand. If a cities can't procure certain supplies it will fail and fall into ruin. This is an exciting new concept in a game. There won't be a global market either. You'll have to travel and bring goods to certain areas to make the most money for them.

This is just the tip of the iceberg about all the features this game offers. As a gamer of more than decade seeing a game like this being created is ground breaking. I extremely excited to start playing, however it won't be out for at least another year. If any of these features sound like something you'd be interested in check out the site.

I'm interested in games you all have heard about and are excited to come out. People are tired of the minimal choices and effort companies are putting into games these days and are demanding more. I know there has to be other games like this one that are out or are coming out soon.