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Discussion in 'Mygamer Support' started by kurruption, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. kurruption

    kurruption Active Member Registered

    Anyone having problems logging in? I needed to try it literally about 10 times before I was logged in. The funny thing is the first time I try it, it shows me logged in the users profile yet I can't post or anything. Just making sure I'm not the only one
  2. silent_storm

    silent_storm true playa Registered

    Nope, no problems for me.
    Not sure why that's happening for you.
  3. asylum_boy

    asylum_boy Executive Editor Registered

    Kurruption, since the new forum upgrade, you now have to check the "remember me" box before you hit the login button.....Hope that takes care of your problem:pray:

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