D~3 Nintendo DS Contest


Super Senior Staff
Jun 23, 2005
D3 Publisher and Mygamer.com have partnered up to give you a chance to win one of two Nintendo DS games. To win, just follow these simple rules:

1) Sign up in the forums (if you have not done so already) and enjoy all that the Mygamer forums has to offer.

2) The member who makes the most posts, will win a Nintendo DS game, compliments of D3. Posts must be relevant. Spam and other short responses will not be considered. Mygamer holds the right to eject members from contest without notice and hold any other official rules.

3) A second DS game will go out to the member who scores the highest point total in Classic Frogger (make sure it is Classic Frogger and not just Frogger), also compliments of D3.

4) In the event that the highest poster is also the Frogger high-scorer, one of the prizes will be given to the second-highest poster.

This contest is open from January 14th – February 2nd, 11:59 PM EST. Winners will be announced during the first Mygamer Podcast after the deadline. The announced winners must then Private Message (PM) the host of the Podcast (SquallSnake7) to claim the prize. Prizes will then be mailed out to the winners as soon as possible.

So sign up, talk, chat, and listen to all that Mygamer.com has to offer.


Editor in Chief
Jun 23, 2005
Keith and I recorded the Pod, and Kieth is in the editing stages now. It should be posted soon. Be sure to listen to see who won. There might be an upset....