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    Which Gameboy Color Pokémon?

    If there's one thing I've learned, it's that if I ever find myself with a GB Color, I'm on a massive hunt for Gold/Silver. I don't care which one. I think that one can only do so much in Red/Blue/Yellow, and there isn't as big of a challenge when it comes to the Pokedex. As for which one I...
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    Games for Microsoft

    I have a Microsoft Lumia. Besides getting frustrated at the lack of social media applications out there, I have a strong feeling that I'm going to get equally frustrated at the lack of games that I can download for it. I'm a puzzle person (really good at that genre). So if you can throw out...
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    Games You Are Bad At

    The genre I'm extremely awful at is first-person shooters. I could have all of the practice in the world, but if I seem to have the hardest time navigating around the playing field, why am I playing the game to begin with? I won't even talk about my aim. That's a different story.
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    Sports titles for PC: Where have they gone?

    I hate to ask this question, but where have all the sports titles for the PC gone off to? I had a copy of NHL08 that I used to play all the time. Obviously, being a little inept at playing games on the computer, it took me a little bit of time to get used to the controls. I remember having the...
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    Old Nintendo games on Wii

    I think Mario Party is a decent part of Nintendo's franchise. Sure, there could be more mini-games (they're very repetitive after a while, and that's probably why I rarely played them to better my skill), but the collection is fine for what it is. Simple for people like me, who aren't able to...