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    Games That You Always Come Back To

    World of Warcraft is game that I always seem to go back to as well. For whatever reason I just can't stay away forever. Probably because I obsessed with achievements:). And every once in while battle pets...however, the one time I came back and my healing Monk was completely different, I was a...
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    What's your favourite T.V series?

    There are so many shows that I am addicted to, I don't think I could pick a favorite. However, Dr Who (although I desperately miss 10), Gilmore Girls, and Firefly are shows that I have watched through 3+ times each. Blacklist is definitely towards the top as well. And then there's the 100 and...
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    Is buying mobile games different than pc or console games?

    I'm not sure what it is, but buying mobile games just doesn't seem the same to me as buying pc or console games. Which really doesn't make sense. I will drop $50-60 on a PC game that I really want, but hesitate to buy a .99 game on my android. Does anyone else run into this? Or am I just weird? :D
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    Games That You Always Come Back To

    I actually have a couple. The main one is Age of Empires 2. I love that game and was psyched when the HD version came out on Steam. However, there two MMOs that I always find myself playing at least once a year for a month or two. World of Warcraft and Darkfall. I don't know what it is about...
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    Games You Are Bad At

    ^This is me, like completely! More in depth though, I completely suck at first person shooters. Doesn't matter if I'm on Pc or console- I am just horrible. Closely following would be racing games- sometimes if I play them enough I can get the hang of it and play somewhat competently, but mostly...
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    PC vs console

    I see where you're coming from- with more than one person, it is definitely easier to play on a console. I've found that there are certain game styles that I would rather play on console- like racing games. Unless you have a controller hooked up to your computer (which I don't) I think racing...