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    Is $60 a good price for games?

    No, it's not a good amount for a game. It just shows that the developers and publishers spend way too much on making the games they expect us to pay a high amount for the games they make. I understand the business of it but it just proves that the companies don't really care about their...
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    Favorite N64 games

    Donkey Kong 64 is a must. There's also: -Golden Eye: One of the best multiplayer games I've played, it was so much fun. It is still better than a lot of games out there. - Pokemon Stadium: Was a big Pokemon fan at one point. I love using my own Pokemon to fight with. -Pokemon Snap: I always...
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    How old were you when you first got into gaming?

    I wasn't that old, as my grandfather already had an NES when I was born. I played it a lot then eventually by the time I was able to play by myself I was given a Nintendo 64. I can't remember what my first game was but I know I played Donkey Kong Country so I think I will consider that as my...
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    Do you watch anime?

    Of course, I do! I used to stay up late and watch anime on Adult Swim. I've watched so many so I will just say what are of my favorites. I enjoyed Cowboy Bebop, Requiem for the Phantom, Gunslinger Girl, Code Geass, Clannad: After Story, and many others. I am trying to get back into watching...
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    Your Favourite Superhero Video Game

    I would have to say the Batman Arkham series. I do hate the combat system and all of the trophies. I do enjoy seeing more Batman characters brought to live. I felt cheated after the dark knight trilogy films, so I was so happy to start playing Arkham Asylum then Arkham city. I still need to play...